Enhanced To-do lists with the ability to track your items by the number of days using Instant lists.


Track food items using the days counter to reduce food waste and spoiling.

Track how frequently you keep in touch with your friends and colleagues.

Keep a track of your routine tasks such as changing water filters, replacing contact lenses and so on...

Instant List

While Todo lists give you the flexibility to set reminders, Instant lists have an automated counter to keep track of the days passed since you bought an item or performed an activity.

Move items between the two lists simply by a swipe, and switch between To-do and Instant list by swiping the bar at the bottom.

Set easy reminders.

Order and color code lists.

Access your lists quickly using the Listant widget in iOS 8 Notification Center.

Larger font for better readability

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Arjun Gupta


Arjun is the concept designer and developer behind Listant. With years of UI development and design experience, he is a perfectionist with an eye for detail.

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